What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

My parents house flooded in May of 2019. Water
was inside the house up to 4 feet high. It took
several days for the water to get completely out of
the house. By the time the water was completely
gone there was mold all over the sheetrock.
Everything was removed all the way to the ceilings.
Once all of the carpet, sheetrock, and insulation were
all removed from the house, SERVPRO came in and
dried the house completely out. this took several
days and SERVPRO stayed on top of the situation.
Once the house was completely dry, SERVPRO
performed mold remediation by sealing all of the
wood and then performing a fog job to prevent any
future growth.
SERVPRO was professional and completely thorough in
their service. The house is completely remodeled
and we have experienced no issues whatsoever.